Color Corps

the Visible Arm of the Order

The Color Corps is an elective division of the Patriotic Degree that presents a visible reminder of our service to the community.

What Do the Different Colors Mean?

The following are the different Colors that one may see in the Color Corps:

Chapeau Color


Description of Position

Dark Blue Plumes & Cape

Supreme Master 7 Former Supreme Masters

In charge of all 4th Degree Assemblies within the Knights of Columbus

Light Blue Plumes and Cape

Vice Supreme Master & Former Vice Supreme Masters

In charge of a Provence. For example, the Hennepin Province consists of all the Assemblies within Michigan and Ohio.

Gold Plumes and Cape

District Master and Former District Masters

In charge of all the assemblies within a portion of a province. For example, Michigan District #4 is made up of the Grand Rapids and Saginaw Diocese

Green Plumes and Cape


Typically in charge of the Color Corps within a diocese

White Plumes and Cape

Faithful Navigator & Past Faithful Navigators

The head of each assembly and responsible for the overall health of the assembly.

Purple Plumes and Cape

Assembly Commander

Responsible for the Color Corps within an assembly.

White Plumes and Red Cape

Faithful Member

This is the first position attained when joining the Color Corps.