District Meeting:

Cancelled until further Notice Per

Master Keith Woodrum


Meeting cancellation document





Business meeting via personal contact was canceled due to recommendation of the Supreme Knight, Carl Anderson in light of the coronavirus pandemic.  This communication is in place of the Spring District meeting.

Notice:  The Exemplification is canceled for April 25, 2020 in Bay City

1.     Exemplification:   In light of all the cancellations in both the Grand Rapids and Saginaw dioceses, our bishops suspending Masses, the Supreme Knight advising to cancel face to face events, the governor and president asking us to limit contact,  we are going to postpone the Spring Exempt on April 25 in Bay City to a date in September.  We hope by then all the illness is over and done and everyone will be healthy.

The one thing we don't want to do is have anyone become sick because of our event, and there are many elderly gentlemen in the Knights who attend the exemplification. We have to be diligent about protecting them.

We will be assessing a different venue as the Doubletree in Bay City is totally booked in September. We still have our West Side State Exempt in Grand Rapids on October 30, 2020. Therefore, this coming Fall, plan on 2 exempts; September - Bay City, October - Grand Rapids.

2.     Reports must be turned in by the Due Dates.  Supreme is very focused on reports turned in on time.  The next report due is your Assembly Officers Chose #186 which is due on July 1.  Next is the Assembly Audit #1315 due no later than August 1, 2020.  Not August 2, but August 1.  If you do the reports online, then Supreme will get it.  If you do the work by hand, then you need to send a copy to Supreme, a copy to the VSM, and a copy to me.

i.      Supreme:  use email at bottom of report

     ii.      Clifford Wasmund, VSM  spwasmund@aol.com

iii.      Keith Woodrum:  woodrumkeith@gmail.com


3.     Nominations for new Master 2020 – 2022.  It’s time for nominations for Master for the next coming 2 years.  I need 3 names to turn over to the VSM who will then turn them over to Supreme for consideration.  Deadline to turn over names is April 10, 2020.  Names must have phone numbers and email addresses so I can personally talk with them and get detail information from each candidate for Master. They will need to submit a resume’ and they must answer these two questions:  “Why I am the best candidate for the position”, and  I will need a yay or nay from each Assembly so that I know you have discussed this topic with your assembly members.


4.     Sir Knight and Lady of the Year.  Navigators, it’s up to you to nominate your recommendation for Sir Knight of the Year, and Lady of the Year for the District and the Province.  Forms are attached, please submit by the date listed on the report.  This is your opportunity to help give Thanks to one of your Sir Knights and one of the Assembly’s Ladies who display outstanding leadership. 

5.     Uniform Ordering.  See attached Uniform Supply Room document. (attachment)

6.     Ads for the program book.  For the Fall books    It’s no secret that putting on a proper exemplification is costly. We do our best to keep costs as low as possible.  Sometimes it’s not enough.  We need each Assembly to place an ad.  Not only each assembly, but if you have Sir Knights who have businesses and would like to place an ad, even a quarter page ad, we will gladly advertise their business.  We will take personal ads also congratulating new Sir Knights, especially if anyone is related to you.  The more ads, the better. 


7.     Any items for discusson?  Please submit by email or mail so we can have a considerate discussion.

8.     Future meetings:  How do you feel about having the meeting on a Sunday afternoon at 2 pm and be done by 4?  Looking for some other options to a Saturday meeting. 

9.     Fall Exemplification: We will now plan for 2 to be held in the fall, one in Bay City in September (location and date to be determined) and the other to be held on Friday evening, October 30, 2020 at the KC Hall in Wyoming, Michigan. All Assemblies, please start now recruiting your 3rd degree knights for their Fourth Degree.

Thank you for your understanding to our canceled meeting.  We were following the recommendations of Supreme and it’s amazing in how just days, the coronavirus has grown.  We pray that all of you remain healthy and safe.

 Please share this information with your assembly.

God Bless

Keith P. Woodrum

Master of the 4th Degree, Michigan District 4

Keith P. Woodrum, MFDMichigan District 4 woodrumkeith@gmail.com 616-446-3330


Nominations for Master

Nomination for Lady of the Year

Nomination for Sir Knight of the Year